Survi Bajaj

“ Well I really had mixed thoughts about signing up for the kodai trip.Travelling to an unknown place with a bunch of strangers u know.But I cannot thank Shirky and Shraddha enough for making all of us feel so comfortable . Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious. IT was 3 days of awesomeness ! Keep up the good work. Nothing better than bringing all smiles to so many people on their weekends. You guys are going a great job. The critic in me would like to say that maybe more attention can be paid to details and little more planning required.But that should not negate the awesonesees u guys carry in any way. Thanks to everyone for a great trip ”

Aarti Sahas

“ Muddie Trails is one of the best Travel groups I have traveled with. It was one of the craziest and the most enthusiastic organizers. I met them for one of the meetups at a cafe in Mumbai, named Dialogues with Travel. This session held by Muddie Trails made me want to start exploring different places. I had been on a trek to Chikamagalur in Karnataka. It was the best treks I had been on with the most kickass tour. The trip was budget friendly and the commodities provided were the best! Thank you Team Muddie Trail! 🙂 ”

Malla Reddy

“ It was one of my wonderful and amazing tour with muddie trails… I have been to Nagalapuram Trek with these amazing people… they have managed everything perfectly and made sure that people got wonderful tour.. I would like to travel with them again.. ”

Kartik Siva

“ May be my Agumbe plans got postponed a lot of times, just to travel with awesome bunch of people. Like a well oiled machine, the trip was organised seamlessly. Kudos to Ambarish, Shirky for this trip. Looking forward for more 🙂 ”

Reshma J

“ I have travelled with Muddie trails to pondicherry and hampi. It was an awesome tour. The trip was well organized and everyone was fun loving. I was apprehensive about my solo travel to hampi but all my fears vanished when i joined them. I got to meet many new people and make friends. ”

Monica Bhattacharya

My first trip with a group of people I didn’t know.. apprehension and a bit of hesitation was my initial reaction. But 30 minutes in the bus taking us to Kodaikanal,all that was gone. And 3 days later, I returned to Bangalore rejuvenated and so many new friends made!

Shraddha and Shirky make this great pair of guides, coordinators and of course friends now. Apart from just the regular places they made sure we had one day at an off beat location and that was magical. Muddie Trails are full of energy,smiles, entertainment and very careful towards each ones comfort. Some more planning and I’m sure they’ll soon be one of the best trip organisers in Bangalore.

Keep up the good work guys and Shirky! I need to know what you eat to get such high level of energy..

Highly recommend a trip with MT to tour their awesomeness. #getmuddied!