This is extremely rare for Muddie Trails. We take each and every registration very seriously & do our best not to cancel the event because of internal reasons. There were instances our organizers took as less as 3 muddies on an event. But if the event has to be cancelled because of external factors like political/ local issues, we expect you to understand the situation.
At Muddie Trails we provide real offbeat travel tours. We take pride in exploring & experiencing awesome but unknown destinations that are not usually traveled by everybody. We travel hard and rejoice in the unpredictability & magnificence of offbeat travel. We put the tourist in you aside, and chalk our own route out on Muddie paths that lead to a soul that belongs to a traveler.
We provide basic but edible food. Food is one of the things we strive to extract the best out of the place we are travelling to. We make sure we taste delicious local food instead of pre-set items everywhere. And we take special care of vegetarians. Being coming from vegetarian back ground, we are aware of the sensibilities of a pure vegetarian, and hence we will do our best to segregate veg & non-veg items during preparation as well as serving.
Usually with Muddie Trails the ratio takes care of itself. As more and more Women are coming out to travel these days, this issue of skewed ratio is getting fixed automatically.
It depends on what kind of event you are on board, what kind of place and may vary according to current weather conditions. Our organizers usually share a complete list of things to pack on the event's WhatsApp group that is usually created 24 hours hours before the event start time.
Thanks for being part of Muddie Trails kinship 🙂 You will have received a confirmation e-mail about your event. The organizers will create a WhatsApp group with all the travellers 24 hours before the start time. All the details about pick-up points, boarding, things to pack, weather conditions, group etiquette etc. are shared on the group.
Absolutely safe for you. Our organizers take special care of Women and your comfort is of prominent importance to Muddie Trails. In every event, we usually have at-least one single girl. Many single girls had actually traveled with Muddie Trails and written reviews on how comfortable they felt. Please have a look at them. We even have a policy of dropping single woman at their doorsteps in case we reach back to the city between 10 & 5 at night.
Our group size is typically 12 to 21 travelers. However, there are instances we took more than 30 people on some events, and as less as 3 to 6 people in some other events.
There is no age lit as such with our events. Anyone who is willing to travel with open mind, who can adapt to our style of offbeat travel, and can gel in a group - are welcome to join Muddie Trails kinship.