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Smartphone Photography Expedition

Pandavapura, Karnataka, India (0)
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Upcoming event dates:

June 22, 23
July 13, 14
August 3, 4
August 24, 25

Muddie Trails presents the Smartphone photography expedition where you will be learning to use your Android and iPhone to click, edit, and enhance awesome photographs!

Who can join this event:

  • You are an aspiring photographer taking baby steps to pursue your passion.
  • You cannot afford a DSLR at the moment or you wish to buy one in the near future.
  • You think of taking advantage of the technology of your smartphone camera before investing in a high-end camera
  • This is the workshop for you!

What will you learn here:

  • By joining us on Pandavapura photography expedition, you will wonder how you can click amazing photographs out of your own Android or iPhone just by the tap of a screen.
  • This smartphone photography workshop provides you the techniques and recommended apps to start creating photos that can be better than a DSLR on auto mode!
  • Once you have captured the photo – you will also learn to edit and enhance the images using our recommended mobile photo editing apps
  • Photography should be impromptu. Tomorrow, as a photographer when you venture into the mother nature on your own, it gives you precious little chances to click your photograph. A beautiful bird may appear, give you that precious few seconds to capture it’s wilderness and may disappear in a flash. We will prepare you for this very situation by actually taking you to a place where mother nature has surprises in store for you.

Who will be your coach:


Group size: 10
Travel: Tempo traveler (Non AC)
Starting time: Saturday 11 PM
Ending time: Sunday 4 PM
Food: 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch included
Pickup/drop locations: Tin Factory, Indiranagar, Koramangala, Silk Board, Electronic City, Mysore Road


Day 0 (Saturday):
  • Start from Bangalore late night as we have a short journey of 3 hours to base camp
Day 1 (Sunday):
  • Drive to Pandavapura village base camp, rest in the vehicle for sometime
  • Wake up around 5 AM, quick freshen & hike up a small hillock with our smartphones to capture amazing sunrise with a panoramic view of the lush green paddy fields, sugarcane crops, coconut trees, commercial plantations, a huge beautiful lake, and other hillocks
  • The golden period for photography starts after the sunrise. 6 to 8 AM will give us the best opportunity to utilize natural light that is suitable for capturing amazing shots
  • Head into the paddy fields separated by umpteen small hillocks made of boulders of different sizes and shapes, that are full of Peacocks and Peahens. The rich vegetation around this area is home to tens of varieties of birds like sparrows, kites, ducks, and even woodpeckers.
  • Walk down to the beautiful lake in its undisturbed form and have a glimpse of hundreds of birds basking in the morning glory of sunshine
  • The early morning freshness combined with flora and fauna of this untouched place will mesmerize you, and an ideal place to learn nature photography.
  • After loading your phones with umpteen pictures, head back to base camp around 9 AM, have a sumptuous breakfast served by our village home with hot tea/coffee.
  • Sit around the base camp for a post-processing session where you will learn how to use third-party apps to edit and transform your pictures to a different level.
  • Finally, say bye bye to the place you will remember for long.
  • Start back and have Lunch on the way back.
  • Reach Bangalore early evening


  • Travel
  • Food: Breakfasts, 1 Lunch (Veg)
  • Expedition in the lap of nature
  • Expert coach

At the end of it, you should have learned many tricks of the trade on smartphone photography and editing.

Along with the joy of spending in the lap of nature for a day, you will also be proud of your little creations of art. Put it on your Instagram feed and flaunt them ?

You have taken a first step towards realizing your dream of becoming a professional photographer in the future ?

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